The Summit

July 6th, 2014 'JC' with guest Harpist Carol Levin

​​Past Guest Musicians. . . Have included, but not limited to . . .

           Richard Kitaeff       - Keyboard                               Jake Powell                  - Guitar                                                                       

                                                                                               Carol Levin                  -  Harp

          Ann Merrifield                                                                                                   

          Tony Mulia                                                                   Michael Bertoglio      - Percussion   

          Kate Rene                                                                    Rodger Lengel

          Steve Yamamoto                                                                    

                                                                                                Todd Lien                 - Tenor Sax

                                                                                                Peter Noy                 -  Alto Sax & Flute

          Karl Baker               - Bass                                          Robyn Rydzek          - Trumpets

          Brad Benefield 

          Jeff Davies                                                

          Chris Owen

​​We are a Jazz collective going strong since 2005 inspired by Centrum's Jazz Port Townsend & continued involvement with Jazz Master & Bass Player David Friesen among others with reiterations ongoing.   

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   ". . . And All that Jazz" Musicians


  • Dennis Gathard - Double Bass

​​     While academic training as an Engineer, Dennis has played Bass and Guitar for as long as he can remember. He is a long-

     standing musician within the Puget Sound Region's jazz community. 

  • Edgar S.  Steinitz - Clarinets & Saxophones

      As above.   

  • ​Jake Powel - Guitar

Jake started playing jazz during college in Boston. In Seattle, he has played and recorded with numerous traditional and swing groups, including the 'Great Excelsior Jazz Band' (banjo/guitar), 'Evergreen Classic Jazz Band' (reeds), John Holte's 'Radio Rhythm' (guitar), 'The New Orleans Quintet' (banjo/guitar) and 'Swing Provence', a local gypsy jazz quintet. Seattle venues include The Blue Banjo, Skipper's Tavern, The Owl Café (now Co nor Byrne), The New Melody Tavern, The Century Ballroom, Gaspare's, and Restaurant Roux on Fremont. His longest running engagement was at The New Orleans Creole Restaurant where he was part of the Monday night quartet for over 20 years.  

  • Sandra Walker - Percussion ​

​    As above. ​    

              'Samba Paris' Musicians


  • Mireille Gotsis - Vocals & Guitar 

While now hailing from Seattle, Mireille was born in Paris yet grew up in the mid-west.  Hence, she was drenched in a multi-dimensional world culture.  In her heart, there is a passion for French Jazz comingling with Gypsy Swing, with an inability to get Bossa Nova and Latin Rhythms out  of her soul.   She co-produced an album in 2012 entitled 'Pourquoi Pas- Why Not!', a delightful combination of French music, Gypsy Jazz  and Latin  rhythms.   

  • Edgar S.  Steinitz - Clarinets & Saxophones

  As above.

  • Jake Powel - Guitar 

  As above

  • Wayne Porter - Percussion

 Frequent guest artist playing a variety of drums and percussion, most recently the R&B and Jazz group called 'Swing Low Indigo'.  He posses a  powerful, driving and syncopated beat adding a rich texture to  the music, and yet always 'in the pocket'  and 'in sync' . Wayne has been a  guest artist with 'On The Rock', and is delighted to be joining in with the group 'Samba Paris'. 


Will Short - Double Bass

Will is a well known and long-standing bassist in the Pacific Northwest.  He has been an active member of 'Finn Hill Jazz' with Kay Bailey since  2007,  and is a grounding yet powerful force in the group 'Swing Low Indigo'. performing regularly in several of Seattle areas most prestigious venues.

    'Jazz Connection' Musicians - 

 Chris Leninger - Bass & Guitar

​     Cut his teeth on folk & rock 'n roll, but the subtleties of jazz captured his pure heart & steel- trap mind in

      the 1980s. A master of the transitional chord & a nimble accompanist.  He is part of the foundation on which 

     Jazz Connection was built.  Observers often ask him for lessons, so they must be impressed. The dynamic

     duo of Jyl & Chris are also founders of 'Jazz Decree'performing regularly around town.

  • ​Jyl Leninger - Vocals

      Has spent years quietly exercising her gorgeous pipes & awes audiences wherever she goes. Our 

      eminently listenable singer twists phrases 'like they are pretzels'& infuses songs with heart-felt   

      passion.  Whether she is  working with the entire group or pairing up with Chris, prepare to go . . . 
"Ahhhh, nice" !

  • Edgar S.  Steinitz - Clarinets & Saxophones

​     While now a fully retired PM&R Physician formally Senior Partner with Electrodiagnosis &

     Musculoskeletal Associates and Associate Professor  in the Department of Rehabilitation @ UW, Edgar has

    been an active member of the Jazz scene for many years.  He is co-founder of 'JazzConnection', ' ... And All That Jazz ',

  'Samba Paris' and 'On The Rock'.  Edgar had the good fortune to arrange and /or compose music for a 

    CD entitled  'Roots Unknown' in collaboration with co-producer David Friesen as released by Origin Arts Records in

    January, 2018.

  • Sandra Walker - Percussion ​

​     Drummer that loves sharing music & spending recess in the sonic playroom.  Almost  any object   

     within reach gets transformed into a  percussive rhythmic instrument.  Her own music is influenced by the

     spirits of Sarah Allen, Dawn Clement, Sir John Dankworth, Dame Cleo Laine, David Friesen, William Carlos

     Moore, Matt Wilson & all the sounds that life has to offer.  She performs wigh the jazz piano trio 'Colletivo', the vocalist

    featured 'Jazz Connection', '...And All That Jazz'.  She hosts a monthly all ages jam session pop-up in Northeast Seattle

    @ the Wedgewood Ale House.