About the Musicians -  

  • Chris Leninger - Bass & Guitar

​     Cut his teeth on folk & rock 'n roll, but the subtleties of jazz captured his pure heart & steel- trap mind in

      the 1980s. A master of the transitional chord & a nimble accompanist.  He is part of the foundation on which 

     Jazz Connection was built.  Observers often ask him for lessons, so they must be impressed. The dynamic

     duo of Jyl & Chris are also founders of 'Jazz Decree' performing regularly around town.

  • ​Jyl Leninger - Vocals

      Has spent years quietly exercising her gorgeous pipes & awes audiences wherever she goes. Our 

      eminently listenable singer twists phrases 'like they are pretzels' & infuses songs with heart-felt   

      passion.  Whether she is  working with the entire group or pairing up with Chris, prepare to go . . . 
"Ahhhh, nice" !

  • Edgar S.  Steinitz - Clarinets & Saxophones

​      Grew up near the 'Big Apple'  saturated by arts & music of all types, although at present, just               

      saturated, & with just what, no one is quite sure, except that . . . 'cream always rises to the top'.  When not

      working as a PM&R physician for decades Associate Professor @ UW, he gives up  the reflex hammer for

      his horns & carries the nick-name 'Dancin Doc'  because of his schizophrenic  double major in Chemistry &

      Dance-Theatre.  He has played the 'licorice stick'  since soon after walking  & is a co-founder of Jazz

      Connection, yet is also often seen 'round town performing with 'On The Rock', playing tunes from the heart

      & soul of Americana including the many idioms that ensued -  Dixieland, Rock & Roll, Roots, Rhythm n'


  • Sandra Walker - Percussion ​

​     Drummer that loves sharing music & spending recess in the sonic playroom.  Almost  any object   

     within reach gets transformed into a  percussive rhythmic instrument.  Her own music is influenced by the

     spirits of Sarah Allen, Dawn Clement, Sir John Dankworth, Dame Cleo Laine, David Friesen, William Carlos

     Moore, Matt Wilson & all the sounds that life has to offer.  

News & Events

It's important to stay true to your roots & to live life fully.  Allow us to share with you our artistry & passion for this music! 

About Jazz Connection - 

We are a Jazz collective going strong since 2005 inspired by Centrum's Jazz Port Townsend & continued involvement with Jazz Master & Bass Player David Friesen.  

We want to bring you the pleasure of Jazz Standards, yet honoring special requests for your event.      

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Booking Info

 Guest Musicians . . . Have included, but not limited to . . .


          Richard Kitaeff       - Keyboard                                        Carol Levin                     - Harp

          Ann Merrifield                                                

          Tony Mulia                                                                   Michael Bertoglio     - Percussion   

          Kate Rene 

          Steve Yamamoto                                                                    

                                                                                                Todd Lien                 - Tenor Sax

                                                                                                Peter Noy                  - Alto Sax & Flute

          Karl Baker               - Bass                                                 Robyn Rydzek          - Trumpets

          Brad Benefield 

          Jeff Davies                                                

          Chris Owen

The Summit

July 6th, 2014 'JC' with guest Harpist Carol Levin

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